We use high quality seamless N80 or better steel tubing. Our tool joints are precisely machined with one of our 12 CNC machines. The difference is how we connect the tubing with the tool joint. We are the only helical pile manufacturer that inertia welds their piles. This technology originated in the oil industry in the 19th century but is now available with our helical piles. The science of inertia welding is simple but doing it correctly time and time again is something that takes a lot of practice.

The basis of inertial welding is to create enough friction to conjoin the pipe and the tool joint together as one. To do this we lock the pipe to a welder and rotate the tool joint to roughly 1,500RPM (depending on the size and wall thickness of your pipe). That combined with the correct amount of pressure creates an inertia weld. This type of weld allows our piles to be much stronger than any of our competitors. This results in our clients needing to use smaller piles which allow them to win more bids.

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