In comparison to residential, commercial projects tend to need greater foundation. Whether its lateral load from skyscrapers or solar panels to secure mass of a shopping mall, Helical anchors can handle the job. Our standard sizes range from 2 3/8” outside diameter to 4 ½” outside diameter but with our in-house engineering team, we can specially design any size of a pile. To this date, our largest anchor is a 12-3/4” outside diameter with a .5” wall thickness but we have no restrictions. 

One thing that is universal on any construction job is that down time kills a budget. Helical anchors minimize down time mainly by not having to wait for concrete to harden. This allows you to move from one pile to next seamlessly.



This list shows a small snapshot of what our anchors are holding to the earth:

  • Wind turbines                                  
  • Solar panels
  • Billboards                                          
  • Street lights
  • Shopping malls                                
  • Schools
  • Pipelines                                            
  • Drilling rigs
  • Docks                                                  
  • Retaining walls


Light /Traffic Light /Sign Pole Base

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Light Pole Base

Solar Panel Foundation

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Solar Panel Foundation
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